Hello, I am Jaison John. I have been working as a physiotherapist for the past 11 years. I have worked in the past as a physiotherapist in multi-specialty hospitals in India before coming to Canada. I have great skills in treating clients of various age groups. I help patients in attaining short term and long term goals of rehabilitation depending on their clinical status. My main aim is client satisfaction.

Dr. Scott Coughlan

Dr. Scott Coughlan was born and raised in Hamilton and always had the intention to return to treat and help the great people of this city once done his studies.

Dr. Coughlan graduated from the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic after completing his undergraduate studies at McMaster University where he received a Honours Bachelor of Science Kinesiology degree.

Dr. Coughlan specializes in the assessment, treatment and prevention of sport and recreational injuries as well as everyday aches and pains. Dr. Coughlan evaluates each patient’s ranges of motion (specifically the hip, knee, ankle, neck, shoulder and low back), assess muscle and joint tension and to assess any previous injury that may be causing problems elsewhere in the body.

Most aches and pains come from the hardships and repetition of life, and Dr. Coughlan wants to educate and show people how to life pain-free.

As a life long fan and enthusiast of sports, his knowledge on injuries and proper rehabilitation has been a big focus of his career.

Common Conditions/Problems

Dr. Coughlan is trained to evaluate and effectively treat musculoskeletal dysfunction: pains and aches that arise from the muscles, tendons and joints of our body! After a thorough assessment, Dr. Coughlan will determine if your complaint is arising from a musculoskeletal dysfunction and provide an effective treatment plan to help you!

Common musculoskeletal dysfunctions

  • low back and neck pains or stiffness
  • shoulder pains (eg. rotator cuff strains, impingement syndrome, bleep tendonitis)
  • hip or pelvic pains, hip bursitis

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